First Post

New post, new domain, new blog, same old platform (wordpress).

I’ve been in blogging limbo for the better part of a decade. I have multiple blogs, but none that feel appropriate for publishing my various thoughts on various subjects. used to be my general-purpose blog. I’ve used the domain for email since forever, and for blogging since early in the millennium, but for the past several years it hasn’t feel like the right fit anymore. These days the “geek” mainstream seems to be focused on popular media culture that was formerly fringe media culture (comic books, anime, video games), all things that don’t matter much to me now, if they ever mattered to me before. I haven’t changed much, but the meaning and significance of the word has, and I’d rather not carry around the baggage other people have saddled the word with.

I made a few false starts at choosing an email identity to replace geekfun, and I’ve finally made a commitment to one. I’ll probably host a blog on that domain, eventually, but it won’t be a place for first-drafts and random thinking, that’s what this one is for.